Archie Davis

Executive Coach and Trainer

An accomplished leader with more than 30+ years of practical experience, Archie Davis has established himself as a thoughtful and compassionate trainer and corporate coach with over four years of direct experience leading professional coaching sessions. He delivers results-oriented feedback using 360-degree assessment tools that deliver results. He participates in and conducts evaluations and assessments for his clients using best-practice techniques, gathers feedback and interprets survey data, and then conducts one-on-one feedback sessions for over 200 clients.

As the TBS Director of Business Development Archies helps the partners creating growth. TBS curate a portfolio of 10 existing clients and he is focused on creating and nurturing relationships with state and federal clients. He conducts marketing activities, coordinates with the associates and consultants of the organization, and helps executive leadership ensure profitability. Archie participates in strategy sessions and business development lifecycle functions.